Re-Entry: The Saga Continues

I’m getting back in the swing right now.

These are the pumpkin patch out front which is on fire! Yay. The pumpkin patches in the back are looking a little peaked.

Tonight I went back to yoga for the first time and OMIGOD.

That woman tried to kill me. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that her last name is Payne.

I can’t believe my fitness level could regress so badly so quickly.

This wasn’t even the hard class.

Right now my arms and legs feel like spaghetti.

She had us do this yogi pain pose that we had to hold forever. I had tears in my eyes and was thinking about folding up my mat and leaving.

Normally, you’re supposed to know your limits but when I put my arms down she totally name checked me.

Then she went into this thing about how this is like our lives and we don’t quit when it gets hard. We keep fighting. Frack.

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