Clarion West

I got the call on Sunday night. I have been accepted in the Clarion West Workshop. Don’t let my calm tone fool you. This is a BFD. For the second time in 6 months I ran into the basement and did these pogo-ing jumping jacks while shouting, “you’ll never guess what just happened” at my poor bewildered spouse.

I get to spend 6 weeks in Seattle doing workshops and writing and hanging out with writers. No cooking. No cleaning. No commuting. And no lawyers.

I never mentioned applying to it here. I guess that’s a great indicator of my confidence. I had pretty much talked myself out of it thinking that I would really be relieved to find I didn’t get in. There’s a big change in my professional life coming up that I also haven’t mentioned yet here but the gist is I’ll be leaving the firm at the end of September and working fulltime for a tribal client. I’m sure I’ll be wringing my hands about it until then but I’ll spare you for now.

I was thrilled with the news and bouncing off the walls for the rest of the night. That night I dreamt I was at the workshop and I only had one page to turn in for my story. It’s going to be awesome.

There’s a good summary of my writing life and what led up to this here. After Wordstock (the first time I did the pogo dance) I wanted to keep moving forward so I decided to apply to Clarion West. I didn’t know if I could get the time off or how I could make it work but I figured I’d worry about that later.

The firm is fine with it, if not very supportive and Bob and I are working out the rest of it.

I know this is just one summer of my life but here are the two tragedies.

#1 – My garden. I don’t see how I can put in a garden and then be gone for 6 weeks. I’m sure Bob could keep it alive but he hates tomatoes so it seems like a lot to ask for him to take care of it. I’ll probably put some stuff in anyway and see what happens. Of course I’m going to plant pumpkins.

#2 – No extended Orleans trip this summer with all the family and kids and the river and corn and tomatoes and Indian Rocks. I’ll have time for a quick weekend trip but can’t see taking off 6 weeks at the beginning of the summer and then expecting another week at the end.

I’m not complaining. This is going to be a great summer.

We’re going to Seattle this weekend as our super-abbreviated spring break trip (long story omitted) and I told Bob this is the last weekend for effing around until August. I’m all business until this workshop is over.

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