California Vacation

Half Dome

Our family did an epic California vacation trip when I was in high school. I got a job when I turned 16 so it must have been the summer before that which would make it 1979.

I remember very few details about this trip except that we went to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. I like this picture. Especially my sister’s bitchin’ 70’s hair and goofy expression which has been previously documented here and here.

One distinct memory I have is driving by Mono Lake (map) (fantastic photo). If you have nothing better to do right now, take a moment to search Flickr for photos of Mono Lake. Lots of good ones.

The landscape is vast and desolate and the lake looks like a different planet. Years later I read a magazine piece about people who live in that area. I don’t think the article was specific to Mono Lake but some desert-y, thinly populated part of eastern California. Living in a hot trailer in the middle of nowhere does something to you. The article was filled with interesting characters doing odd things.

It wasn’t my intention to write about this family trip today, I was going to write about the main reason for my “things I’m tired of post” that I somehow left off yesterday: customer satisfaction surveys.

But I’m out of time so that will have to be for tomorrow.

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