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Tuber Wads

I generally don’t dig my dahlias because it’s a giant pain in the ass and I’m too lazy to properly follow through so they usually get moldy and/or shrivel up.

When I was cleaning up the backyard I dug up two plants that hadn’t produced flowers in a couple of years intending on tossing them. Then I saw the tubers and thought maybe I’d save them and try replanting them in the spring and see what happens.

I watched a dahlia digging video and learned a lot. Too bad I didn’t watch this 15+ years ago when I first started growing dahlias. I’ve been doing it all wrong. And I did it wrong again because I dug them too early.

I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’ve had moldy bulbs sit in the shop over the winter in a big pile and then I planted them and dahlias grew.

The above is from these pink dahlias that are so hearty it’s terrifying. The only reason I dug these up is because they were bursting up out of the ground. That thing was really heavy and hard to break apart.

I still didn’t do it exactly how the video showed but I suspect I will still get flowers.

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Tomato Soup

I didn’t get enough tomatoes to make soup but I was gifted tomatoes from Melonie so I made this Deborah Madison favorite.

Saute some shallots in butter. Cut up your tomatoes and put them in the pot with salt. Let them slow cook all afternoon.

Whir with the stick blender. Strain into a new pot. I often skip that step. I add a plop of cream.

It’s some weird trick of the light but this photo look like there’s a golden lump in there.

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Raccoons Still Busy Out There

I put the bucket away and moved the camera closer to the house. I figured I would see much. I was wrong.

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October Garden

My computer situation has become a big enough pain in the butt that I bought a new computer. Normally I would pick up my computer at the Apple Store but there is no Apple Store downtown right now. When I purchased it, it was supposed to be delivered next month.

Then I received notice it would be delivered on the one day neither of us would be available to be here.

This is the flower area. It still looks pretty good.

My notice said I could click to make adjustments to my delivery. I clicked and was sent to a page that confirmed, yes, I was scheduled for a delivery and if I need to make adjustments, I should enter my numbers and click here. I entered and clicked and was sent to a page that said, yes, deliveries are a thing that happen and to click here for more information about my delivery. It sent me back where I started.

I had to phone.

I picked every tomato I thought had a chance of turning red. Also: oh my, that window. It seems like everything is extra gross since the smoke.

If you’ve called any customer service line recently, you already know that a robot makes you talk to it and says it can understand full sentences and then it understands nothing and just gives you information that you already have. Once I got through to a person, TylerJustin he said I really needed to talk to UPS because it was in delivery mode now.

I talked to the robot at UPS who was convinced I needed a pick up and no matter what I did, she tried to get my address so she could schedule the pick up. I yelled at her until she reluctantly sent me to a real person. Oh, but my computer is coming from overseas, did I want to be transferred to the international UPS customer service?

Why the hell not?

Here’s what happens if you empty an old envelope of “assorted squash” into your garden and rake it around.

That person helpfully let me reschedule gave me a 13 digit case number.

Two minutes after we finished my cellphone rang and local UPS told me that they couldn’t really reschedule but we could leave a note on the door to tell the UPS driver not to leave it if we weren’t there.

Maybe this could work. But also, maybe not. I don’t trust anyone to do anything right in 2020.

We talked some more and we were able to arrange for the computer to be held and we will pick it up.

I would end on a triumphant note but let’s see if this all goes to plan first. I will report again in a week or two.

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More Raccoons

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The Latest

Two nights ago I got a bunch of great clips of the raccoons playing around the bucket. I found out about another product that might help with the fogging but haven’t bought it yet.

I’m going to save a bunch of these clips for November when I do my post-a-day.

I had an unexpectedly chaotic second half of my day yesterday so I never dealt with the camera or raccoon playground. The card was still in my computer and I had loosened the camera strap with the intention of repositioning it. I never refilled the bucket.

The bucket had been dragged around.

The camera looked like this.

Those little rascals got their hands on the camera. I may wake up one morning and find the camera has disappeared.

In other news: I finally updated my email but whatever I did to back-up the messages did not back-up the inbox. When I’m awake in the middle of the night I fret about this but there’s nothing to be done now.

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We’ve got a new entry into our urban jungle.

I have seen bunnies in the backyard in the past but not for years and years.

I keep thinking I’m going to dial back my trail cam photos but I keep getting fun visitors.

Pogo wandered through, too.

One of the raccoons pulled the bucket down but it’s so foggy it’s not worth posting. The camera gets too fogged up at 4am.

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Wildlife Playing

I guess I have to put the defogging stuff on the camera every day. This is a big commitment to bring you the quality urban wildlife footage you have come to expect.

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Rocket in Motion

The camera takes 10 second clips — I trimmed these a little bit. Poor Rocket moves like a creaky old man.

Tante Irmgard lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Germany. One time when we were visiting her, her balcony was closed for some work that had taken an extended length of time.

While we were there the day of reopening came and she could finally open the door and go outside.

“Like Christmas!” she said.

That’s how I felt yesterday when we could open the windows and see outside again.

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Still Smoky After All These Years

It’s going to get better eventually, right?

How about a raccoon chaser?

Night before last the camera didn’t go off one single time. Last night this one little guy showed up early. Is this Heckle, Jeckle, or a new one?

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