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How is Everyone Doing?

Bob and I moved in together in March of 1996. Who knows math? Is that 24 years?

And today, for the first time in our relationship, we cleaned house together. He has no excuse to get out.

We are hanging in. Working from home is going okay. Bob finished grading last week and he’s on spring break.

We eat lunch and dinner together and mostly cook here and get takeout a couple times a week to support our local businesses.

Yesterday we watched Parasite which we had mixed feelings about — too much to articulate at the moment. It is definitely worth seeing.

I wanted to watch something light before bed and after scrolling through a jillion possibilities, I ended up starting the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice, which is the best Pride and Prejudice. It almost seems like now there are so many choices of things on TV, it’s too hard to pick something. I don’t want to waste my time on anything I’m ambivalent about

And with the current state of the world, I’m having a hard time getting into new shows and I don’t want anything that’s too big of a bummer.

The flowers look amazing. I hope all the people getting out and walking their dogs are saying the same thing.

If you’re running out of things to do, I recommend drawing with Lynda Barry. First person cooking with Kenji is fun, too.

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Going Round In Circles

The morning after my crown was seated I was in the process of getting up — Bob and I were in bed talking about our day. I sat up quickly and the whole world tilted sideways so suddenly and violently that I thought the house was tipping over.

“I don’t understand what’s happening,” I said, trying to grab onto something.

I thought I was just light-headed from sitting up too fast and tried that thing where you bend forward and let your head hang.

I eventually figured out that if I moved my head in a certain way, I would get dizzy and have to take care not to fall into anything.

After all the endless bummer of the bad tooth, the last thing I wanted was some goofy head problem. I envisioned expensive tests and referrals. That’s one of my big complaints about healthcare is that even the tiniest concern results in more and more appointments.

A colleague recently went through an extended bout of vertigo so I sent her a note and said: What the what is this?

She told me to look up BPPV and try the exercise. Turns out it is very common. The first couple of days were weird. I even woke myself up in the night with spinning because I turned over funny. But within a week it resolved. I occasionally have a vague sense of vertigo but I’m fine now. I could find no science to confirm that my tooth problems caused it, but that’s what I blame.

Let’s all hope that it was some weird anomaly that will never return.

What strange times we are living in.

This morning I went to the pharmacy to pick up some OTC stuff for my dad including a jug of laxative. I was there right as it opened and they were just unboxing a fresh pallet of toilet paper. There only 3 other people in the store and they all asked how many they were allowed to take (2) which they snatched immediately.

We have a normal supply of toilet paper so I was the person buying the jug of laxative and no toilet paper.

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Tiptoe Through the Tulips

At the first match the family sitting in front of us brought in their own food.

They ate little tangerines, raisins, and trail mix.

At the half every one of them disappeared and came back with pizza, hot dogs, and hot chocolate. They also left every scrap of garbage under their seats.

I get bringing in food if you must because you want healthier choices. But I thought it was pretty funny that they used it as an appetizer until they could dig into the real stuff.

It’s like when you bring a lunch to work and it’s: carrot sticks and fruit and turkey on whole wheat. Then you eat it by 10am and go out at noon and get a meatball sandwich and chips.

I spotted a tulip out front when I got home yesterday.

Last night when we finished with the DVR but before we turned off the TV, we caught part of a documentary about the band Genesis (They’ve been around forever but were especially popular in the early 80s). This was not one of my favorite bands or even a band I cared much about and honestly, if you’d mentioned the documentary earlier I would have expressed exactly zero interest in seeing it. But we were mesmerized. The show brought together the main band members and interviewed them in the present together with lots of clips from the past. It was really well done and you could still get a whiff of bitterness among some of them. hehe.

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Speaking of Raccoons

I found a bunch of bulbs that I stuck back in a corner and missed planting last fall. Last weekend I had a few spare moments so I put them in pots thinking I might still have a change to enjoy them.

Then this. Raccoons are jerks.

I can’t seem to get ahead. It seems like every time I turn around there’s something else that’s not working right that needs my attention and is more demanding that expected.

Right now my email doesn’t work right. I’ve spent 2 days trying to troubleshoot it and getting help that tells me to do exactly what my email to support said I tried and didn’t work and then referring me to a URL for more information — the same URL that I told support I was using to try to troubleshoot the problem.

And support signs off with “let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.” But you didn’t help yet. Now they want me to talk to the Mac geniuses — and when I follow the Mac genius instructions it tells me to talk to my webhosting.

I don’t have time to get to it today which means I probably won’t have time until next weekend. It’s a vicious cycle.

Here is Kyla Ross is our boss. My favorite NCAA gymnast is a senior now so this was my last chance to see her in person. Both teams were fantastic. It was a super fun meet. Jade Carey is supposed to join Oregon State next year. You don’t know that name now but you will know it after the Olympics — if that even happens. sigh.

Colleague went to Hawaii and asked for inventory on our snack cupboard. We have a whole other box of macadamia candies because brace face here can’t eat them. But the cookies were running low. He brought back a giant box of these fancy cookies plus a Girl Scout snack pack so snack cupboard is stocked again.

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Coat of Flowers

It wasn’t fun but I got my crown seated and my mouth is about 95% now. My braces haven’t been completely re-attached yet so that number may be the best we can hope for right now.

I started doing the crosswords again in the last couple of weeks. I used to do them all the time years ago. Once you get your brain in that way of thinking it’s easy to pick up again. I like the ones early in the week. I can start my day zipping through the puzzle and feeling like I’m super smart.

I like to do it on paper. I went online to try to check a couple of squares that didn’t make sense to me and learned that you can do the crossword online and it will time you. Tech figures out how to suck the fun out of everything. Just what I need to be tense while doing a puzzle. That’s my favorite part about the big Sunday puzzle is leaving it on the counter to work on throughout the day.

Big weekend. We’re on our way to Corvallis this morning to see UCLA at OSU gymnastics. Timbers season opener tomorrow.

Had to post today since it’s Leap Day.

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The Case of the Missing Bandana

Portland Meadows is finished. According to the Internet it opened in 1946. I went there twice. Once I saw Chuck Berry and the Grateful Dead. (They played separately.) The other time I went to bet on the Kentucky Derby. As I recall, everything was on screens. There weren’t any in person horse or dog races. But it’s hard to remember.

A couple of days ago I looked out the window from the laundry room and saw something weird in the flower bed.

I ran out and saw a dirty bandana. I figured it must be from a pet that wandered through and I could deal with it later. I had this great idea that I would put it out front and maybe the person whose pet lost a bandana would see it and be grateful to have it back.

I don’t know why I care so much about this strange bandana. Why is someone’s pet in my backyard? It’s just a bandana. People who put bandanas on pets must expect to lose a few. Regardless, I wanted to do the neighborly thing.

Sorry these photos are so awful. I took them from the bus. Even though I never went there and don’t care about horse racing, I still feel bad that it’s gone. I’m not sure of the exact plans but some sort of warehouses.

This morning I looked out the window in the laundry room and the bandana was gone.

I doubt a person hunted around and came into my backyard to find a lost bandana.

But it seems weird that an animal would come by and grab it. “Oh look, my lost bandana.” We have raccoons and opossum that wander through our yard. Would they have grabbed a bandana for their secret stash? It’s a mystery.

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The Never Ending Tooth Disaster

Uh oh, that guy fell down. Opponents who don’t like Diego Chara are going to be thrilled to find out we have two Charas now.

I wish I had some good news about my tooth.

Overall, the dentist doesn’t think it’s long for this world but since I wasn’t up for shelling out huge bucks for an implant right now, we prepped for a crown. And the crown prep included some minor oral surgery on my gum. The site is still sore.

Meanwhile, I’ve been back and forth to the orthodontist to take wires and brackets on and off. More of the same next week when the crown comes in.

I’m kinda bummed about being constantly afraid of my mouth and constant low grade discomfort and relying on soft food and visiting the gamut of dental practitioners as my part time job.

Hopefully all will go smoothly with the crown and I can get this behind me.

Coach doing media at the half

These photos can mean only one thing: Timbers season starts again soon.

This is the preseason tournament so I saw a match last weekend and a match last night. It was fun to be back at the stadium and seeing some of the new players.

Preseason substitutions. I love seeing all the guys on the field like this.

I know it’s just preseason but I didn’t see anything that made me overly optimistic. I predict that we play just enough great games to keep our hopes up but enough stinkers to keep us at our usual spot in the middle of the table.

Opening match next weekend.

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Flowers Soon

Here’s where all that grumping about back in October is going to pay off. Look at all those sproutlets bursting through the ground. Prepare for many many flower photos in a couple of months.

Or sooner? This baby looks like it’s going to pop any day now.

This is the main groundhog radish area. They are supposed to loosen and condition the soil. I just went back to read the instructions curious how I’m supposed to handle in the spring. Well, if I read it correctly, the ideal situation is that we would have had a hard freeze and they would die. The tops would wither and the radish would get squishy and I would rototil and plant as usual.

But as you can see, this hasn’t happened and the plants are growing up a storm. If I understood the directions correctly I’m supposed to harvest that 50 bushels of daikon radish. Luckily I got that pickle queen cookbook because unless we get a hard freeze very soon, I’m making pickles.

In case you don’t know what you’re looking for, I have helpfully made a red arrow pointing at the radish.

I looked up the history of my (dental) crowns. I got my first one in the early 90s and then one in 2008 and this exciting 2012 pre-vacation emergency, and I guess 2 in 2016. I didn’t have root canals for all of them. For the 2012 root canal the doctor prescribed an opioid painkiller — I don’t know how many, 10? 12? Shows you how far we’ve come, this time they gave me a few of those super-power ibuprofens. I didn’t have huge issues with pain for any of them.

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The Rules of Teeth

This is from Library of Congress free wpa posters.

Don’t be jealous but yet again, I am a queen because I am getting a crown. Well, I’ll get a crown if I’m lucky. My tooth disintegrated so thoroughly I don’t know what they’re going to do with it.

It started hurting around Christmas, as in after a sip of hot or cold you’d have to peel me off the ceiling. I was prepared to live with it until after the braces came off but the discomfort was making eating and drinking difficult. I had my braces tightened and then couldn’t chew on either side of my mouth for about 36 hours.

The dentist looked at the xray and said: I don’t even know what’s going on with this tooth. It’s like it’s imploding from the inside out.

She gave me a referral to the endontist who discussed a lot of scenarios and then told me they had a schedule change and could zap me immediately.

Hell yes! I said.

The minute he drilled into it, the inside part of the tooth flew off – which wasn’t unexpected. I guess my tooth rotted inside until it was like a tooth-shell? I don’t know. I’m not an oral health professional and am not one of those people who needs to know the life history of why my tooth failed.

He did his thing and patched it up and I can freely drink cold water without flinching which is the best part of this whole mess. I have to go back to the dentist for her thoughts on what next.

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Don’t Look Down

This is the living room of the house I grew up in circa 1980-ish. It’s hard to believe all that orange and green was a good idea. If you look at the house on Zillow they have hardwoods now.

We need to deal with our floors in our house. It makes me feel bad about myself every time I look at our dingy, horrible carpet and disintegrating flooring.

I’ve hated our carpet since the day we’ve moved in.

We’re just so bad at dealing with house projects. When Bob’s in school we don’t have time. When we have time we’d always rather be doing something else.

We talked about at least shampooing the carpet so it didn’t look like an accident scene but if we have to move all the furniture we might as well replace the floor and if we replace the floor we might as well get rid of the terrible wallpaper and paint. Now it’s a huge project.

I was determined to deal with it this summer but already the weekends are getting filled up with family or fun things. Seems like something we need to get on the calendar early if we have to hire people. I predict we will limp along with what we have a bit longer.

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