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I have so many clips of the raccoons stirring the water in the bucket, jumping on the bucket and then dunking their front legs, walking by but pausing long enough to take a drink and play with the water.

I had planned to write an actual post tonight but my computer is actively dying and everything I do makes it stall. I’ve spent all weekend restarting and disk repairing and shutting down programs which then sputter and insist on updates that make the whole machine slog along.

It’s been super aggravating.

I need to buy a new one but need to do some homework.

Bunny showed up during the day. I ate a sandwich out on the deck while he trembled in the sunshine.

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Adding to My Bag of Tricks

I thought I would be clever and make longer video clips but then the giant files wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do so I’m trying something new.

Let’s see if this works:

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Unhealthy Hooray!

I spent half the morning figuring out how to do this. Enjoy!

I tried video last night. Didn’t capture any critters but the storm triggered the camera.

As soon as it started raining Bob jumped up and opened the windows and tore down the window coverings I’d tacked up.

My mood is 1000% better now that I can see outside again.

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Still Socked In

This morning one of our smoke alarms went off. It’s one of those 10 year ones — you can’t remove the battery. We couldn’t get it to reset to we had to deactivate it.

The critter cam remains active. The night before last we had everybody running through. I think there might be 2 Pogos because I had opossum blurs in the same direction barely a minute a part.

Last night I managed to get three smiling faces in one shot.

I love how they like to climb on the bucket. I have lots of shots of them playing around the bucket.

I have one smaller container that I also fill with water and it is knocked over every night. I’ll post a photo of that another time.

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Smoke on the Water

The air quality is actually worse today but can’t really tell from comparing this to yesterday’s photo.

I only went outside long enough to check the wildlife cam — nothing. The only photo is me checking the motion detector. I set everything back up and we’ll try again tonight. I’m not sure if the animals swap up their habits or the terrible air is doing something to the motion detector.

Another day spent inside with the shades drawn.

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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

This was the scene in the backyard around 7am.

I keep typo-ing smoke as smoake. Smoake is a good name for a monster or villain in a story that I am too scatterbrained to write at the moment.

The animal cam has been quiet. I had moved the camera closer to the house to try a different angle. I’m not sure if the animal activity changed with the strange weather or the camera set up wasn’t working.

I moved the camera back out towards the back fence and caught Rocket last night. That poor guy is looking scraggly.

Heckle and Jeckle played around the bucket at 3:30 and Pogo wandered by around 1:30 but the camera fogged up. I’m going to treat the lenses with Rain-X again and see if that helps.

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It’s a Wild Wild Life

This is my super-pro set up for my wildlife cam. I can easily move this table around and I have been trying it in different spots around the yard.

I re-activated my Instagram account and have been posting wildlife photos. I don’t know how long I’m going to last. [Rant about social media omitted.]

I’ll try to update the cast of backyard wildlife regulars here later this weekend.

These two are Heckle and Jeckle. I surmise that they are young ones, offspring of Mama?

The bucket has water in it. Sometimes they don’t touch it. Last night there was some pooltime action.

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Baby Condor Survived!

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Condor Cam

Warning: this story doesn’t have a great ending.

One of my great joys during the lockdown was watching the Condor Nest Cam from the Ventana Wildlife Society. (If you click on the link now it’s highlights.)

I started watching when the egg was close to hatching. And then kept checking in to get a glimpse when Iniko was a damp little noodle.

I’ve been keeping up with Iniko as it got bigger and started losing its fluff.

The Dolan fire in California destroyed the condor sanctuary. Yes, everything is terrible.

If you really want to bum yourself out you can find the last clips before the camera cables melted here. You can even hear the fire coming. It’s tragic.

As of right now they are missing 13 condors including 4 chicks which includes Iniko. They are actively searching for the missing condor. They identified one yesterday. They say historically many chicks have survived fires so there is room for optimism.

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