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Autumn Leaves Falling

I started yanking stuff out before I took a photo and had to run back in and grab the camera.

I am putting the garden to bed earlier than usual this year. The tomatoes have been completely underwhelming and I’m tired of watering. I did a little homework and I’m trying a cover crop again this year and more soil conditioning/fertilizing methods. It’s still a work in progress. I’ve been trying to get out there all afternoon but there’s always one more thing to take care of.

I get up a little after five so my bedtime is a little after nine.

My body completely rebels when I try to go to bed before nine. Even if it’s just a few minutes. Sometimes after a long week, a girl is tired. I could not keep my eyes open one more minute and had read the same page in my book about 10 times so at 8:50 I said, good enough, and turned out the light and conked out immediately. Woke up, wide awake at 2am. Flopped around for at least 2 hours. The rule is always to tough it out until 9.

Last week I read an article, it might have been about the new Apple watch. I’m not interested in the watch I was just skimming various news sources and came across this in passing. I saw a remark that the medical tracker was good at recognizing AFib and I swear what my brain processed was that this medical tracker could recognize lies, as in: a fib. I thought that was going to be a very interesting device.

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Road Tripping

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but I can’t seem to get my act together. I feel like I spent the entire weekend zooming around the house trying to take care of things.

I keep trying to do less things but there’s always something I can’t avoid.

Paperback has been uploaded but I still have to go through a review process. Stay tuned.

Last weekend we went to Atlanta to hang out with one of my writing friends Kira. Bob went with me and we had a great time. I did not take very many photos.

This is a photo of some sad bananas that didn’t make it into the garbage and sat on the curb all weekend. And me in my open toe shoes.

We also went to the Carter Center. Guess who’s idea that was?

Normally when I visit Kira I go by myself and we spend the entire weekend at her house cooking, baking, writing, and watching rom coms.

This time we left the house and had adventures.

I’m not sure what was going on with this photo. Was I trying? I think I might have thought about taking a picture of the fountain and decided against it then took not just one, but several photos just like this.


Kira and I did one cooking day and made this delicious spinach lasagna. We spent one day sitting around the house while Bob went off and did Martin Luther King Jr. themed things.

Here’s Bob with his two new best friends Millie and Lila. He shared little snack nubbins with them so they followed his every move. Millie is in the lower left corner. I don’t have the energy to do a Photoshop trick to make her more obvious.

Also while in Atlanta we went to the Oakland Cemetery on the hottest day at the hottest time. Luckily there were lots of trees. And we did the CNN tour which was super interesting. It gave me mild anxiety watching how they use all these devices and watch little screens to keep everything going smoothly.

We when we got home we both gasped when we stepped out of the airport. It was about 68 degrees with a cool damp breeze. I’m not complaining but I already know that in two months I’m going to be crying for warm sunshine again.

Summer is over. Bob is back to work. I’m wearing closed toe shoes again. I saw them clearing the shelves for xmas lights in the store.

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Book Has Landed

Ebook is available now from all your favorite book sellers:

Kindle | Nook | Apple | Kobo | Paperback-TBD

Paperback is still a few weeks out. I need a final cover and then I need a final proof and meanwhile giant online retailer is changing the way the paperbacks are done and I have not been successful at figuring how that’s going to work yet.

I’m headed out for a fun trip. Stay out of trouble while I’m gone.

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Okay. The book still isn’t available. It’s done. I’ve done all my part.

But there are parts of the process that are completely out of my control. There was some technological confusion which comes from technological entities trying to trick you into being dependent on their ecosystem. Then I got all the information updated into the places it needed go. Now I have to wait for them to get back to me. Plus giant online retailer is changing some stuff for self-publishers which is a giant good ship clusterfukatonia.

I have no purchase URLs. I can do zero promotion until I have those bits. I have been sitting here waiting all day.

I will do my best to get it going tomorrow but I have two long work days in front of me and then I’m going out of town and won’t be in an environment conducive to dealing with my book. I’m super frustrated.


The house behind us had to chop down all their trees. They lost one several years ago and I could see the rest were looking unhealthy. This is more or less the view when I’m washing dishes. I miss the trees.

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Twenty-Two Years

This weekend I celebrated 22 years with my sweetie. I had a work meeting in Seattle so I dragged him with me and after my professional responsibilities were finished we had a terrific time goofing off for a couple days.

The skies were smoky but we got a little bit of rain on the day we left.

We spent an evening sitting outside watching Khu.éex', a Tlingit funk band.

We took the ferry to Bremerton. Our plan was to do a quick lap and get back on the ferry to return to Seattle but we met a man going to a reunion of the U.S.S. Turner Joy a naval ship that has been turned into a museum.

He was really friendly and fun to talk to so we ended up going to the ship with him and touring the ship. He was all animated showing us his bunk and where he worked and telling us hilarious stories of his time on the ship. We had a such a great time talking to him.

We also walked along the waterfront a bit and walked around downtown. We went to the Seattle Art Museum.

We took the train for the trip. Bob was dying to go to 13 Coins for an early dinner before we got on the train back home. Thirteen Coins is one of those restaurants where everything on the menu is heavy duty meat/fried/sauce but super delicious. We arrived a little after 4pm and the place was insane with people and groups everywhere. We sat at the counter and watched them cook which was entertaining. I wanted to ask how close they were to capacity — at one point the guy working in front of us had 5 pans going with omelettes and pasta and picatta — but they didn’t have time to chat.

When we left someone told us Ed Sheeran was playing at the stadium which explained the chaos.

Unless there is an unforeseen snafu, Book 3 will be out on Tuesday, September 4. I just got the manuscript back and I need the weekend to finalize it for publication.

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What I’ve Been Up To

We bought a head of cabbage so Bob could make coleslaw. I showed him how to use the food processor and, not comprehending how much this would make, he shredded the entire head.

We have several giant metal bowls and one of them was filled with shredded cabbage. You can tell yourself that it doesn’t look that terrible until you start eating it and you realize that one portion of coleslaw goes a long way and barely makes a dent. It’s not like ice cream where you have to force yourself to stop eating it.

The good news is we’ve worked our way through about half this week.

ICYMI: Simone Biles came back to gymnastics competition. Even if you’re not into gymnastics you should watch this floor routine. I lost track of elite gymnastics for a long time and then this podcast got me back into it. Well, and I guess the horrible scandal brought it back to my attention. The organization is still pretty turded up but the US has so many incredible athletes and better coaching style so big future ahead.

I also did a bunch of cooking last weekend after so many weekends of being chained to the computer. I made potato salad using potatoes from my garden. I made a peach pie and I made cornflake milk ice cream — that pie and ice cream taste amazing together. I baked bread. It seems like I washed about 10 million dishes so I’m probably forgetting something.

This weekend we are going to be gone. So those of you at the edge of your seats waiting for Sweetheart Braves looks like I will have to you right after Labor Day.

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Late Summer Is Here

My favorite lemon cucumbers! For the first time in years, I have an amazing crop. I picked about ten this week and there are at least four more out there. I eat them like an apple.

Is late summer here or is September considered late summer?

I still think of summer in terms of the school year rather than the calendar. I love when it feels like summer is winding down. It’s darker when I get up in the morning and at some point, the nights will feel cooler.

I still have only had a few tomatoes. The plants out front aren’t doing great and the ones in back are on the verge but still not producing ripe fruit.

I have a couple of funny volunteers that are the only ones doing anything and enough for a snack while I’m out in the garden and that’s it.

My neighbor offered zucchini from a huge out of control plant, and I’ve wanted to try this summer minestrone with pesto. (no zucchini photos to go with this statement)

I’ve also been meaning to try more savory pies, and the food section had this tomato pie with pimento cheese topping. I’m not sure about it, but I think it would be fun to try.

The garden becomes overwhelming quickly. I’ve got potatoes that need to be made into a salad. And I intended to grab some beets and cook for Chlodnik later this week. I see three different spellings in my browser and I can’t bring myself to link to one of these lifestyle cooking blogs with 87 photos and long stories. It’s cold buttermilk and beets with dill and cucumber and really yummy to one person who lives in my household.

Another one of my favorite things about this time of year is the goldfinches in the sunflowers. They go nuts all morning long, flying around the garden and they are so pretty and almost like a cartoon bird.

Our toilet has been running for months and this weekend I finally tackled it. It’s not a standard flusher, but you can find a movie showing you how to repair anything these days. I did the video and put it all back together and more running. I ran around the house like Rocky. Until about an hour later is started a new noise: SPHSHSHSHSHSHSH! SPHSHSHSHSHSHSH! SPHSHSHSHSHSHSH!

After additional research and testing, I decided it’s time to bring in a pro. It’s ten years old, let’s just replace it.

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Giant Project is Finished. Almost

Project went to the editor on Sunday. I’m still catching up on everything. I updated my list and put about 30 things on it. This weekend will be all projects and errands and some social stuff.

Oddly, I’m itching to get into the next book. Weird.

This evening I went out and took a whole bunch of garden update photos and my camera card died. I feel like technology is abandoning me this week. I’ll try again another day. I ran out and took this with my phone. This blue hubbard squash is going to make so many things.

A couple of weeks ago I tried a new recipe using a pork roast and tomatillos, green chiles, and a bunch of other stuff. You throw it in the slow cooker all day.

I was describing the recipe to colleague and he missed the part where I said to take the meat out and shred it. He just heard, put the immersion blender in it and go to town. He’s like: What? This doesn’t sound good at all.

It was funny at the time but now that I type it out is seems stupid.The recipe was delicious.

Two weekends ago were very bad with the neighbors, partying until 5am on Friday and then 3am on Saturday. A different neighbor complained (yay!) and it’s been quiet ever since except for last night some people came in at midnight — just loud enough to wake me up. Their capacity to be social and active in the middle of the night is amazing.

I got up and closed the windows. Woke up at 3am and was hot and stuffy so opened them back up. Bob had a technology malfunction at 4am and woke me up and then the alarm goes off at 5:15a. Needless to day, I’m not my normal sparkling self.

More updates this weekend.

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Clarion West Beg-A-Thon Week #5

Greetings! I have had the house to myself this weekend and very few obligations so I am hunched over the computer cranking on my manuscript.

Sorry, I didn’t do any marketing. It’s partly because I don’t like it but mostly because all my brain juice is used on revisions or mandatory life responsibilities.

I will have have some amazing garden pics soon. There is a blue hubbard squash the size of a baby out there.

The Clarion West class of 2018 has one more week of the workshop. To my best recollection, at this point I was never more tired in my life and I was tired of deli sandwiches for lunch and wanted to see my husband again but also completely in love with all my classmates and couldn’t believe it was all going to be over soon. I hope the current class is having a great experience.

According to my latest progress report, there are over 200 participating writers in the fundraiser and they’ve raised just over $15,000. I met and exceeded my $100 goal, finally sent in my match plus some extra because I sponsored all my classmates. Thanks everyone for your support. There is still time to donate. Honestly, you can donate anytime you want. If you wake up in November and feel like there’s money burning a hole in your wallet, feel free to donate then. Here are some suggested people to sponsor:


Or pick other writers that interest you: The Group.

If you prefer to send a check here’s an address:
P.O. Box 31264
Seattle, WA 98103-1264

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Clarion West Beg-A-Thon Week #2

I successfully completed my week #2 goal which was 7 days of no writing. I cheated a tiny bit one day when I accidentally read an article about dialogue. As soon as I realized it, I shut my browser.

During my break, I did all kinds of things that I normally never do: I hung out downtown with my sweetie and saw Malcom Terence read at Powell’s, I went to a happy hour celebration for one of my sweetie’s colleagues, I watched epic amounts of World Cup soccer, I finished three books that I had sitting around here half finished since January, I went to the Farmer’s Market, I went to see Isle of Dogs.

It went by fast.

I’m back at it again, working on cleaning the ms. up. I have not done any marketing things yet but I’m sincere in my intent to do so soon.

Thanks to everyone who donated so far. Still plenty of time and all donations are appreciated. Here are links for me and my classmates and workshop administrators.


Lots of other writers — find someone to sponsor here: The Group.

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