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The Stolen Covers Situation

When I go to Orleans I always use boxes in the car to help me organize my stuff. Oakey liked this box a lot. When I got ready to leave he glared a lot which he does anyway but I could tell there was extra glaring.

I guess I never posted it here but a couple of weeks ago it was my 25th wedding anniversary.

Wow, hard to believe.

We have never had a serious cover stealing situation in all this time. Until recently.

I don’t know what Bob does but somehow he manages to get a big armful of covers and then he turns over to his side of the bed. Night after night I am clutching the corner of the duvet, angrily yanking it back or waking with only my pillows to keep me warm.

No amount of whining has changed this. He says he can’t help it, he’s asleep.

I finally got out a blanket that is folded and only on my half of the bed.

If that’s the worst problem after 25 years, we’re doing just fine.

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Water Bucket Is Back Again

This raccoon is hilarious. Look how warm it was out there at 3am. I woke up a few times last night and it felt stuffy.

I put the bucket away a couple of times in hopes of getting Stinky to move away. So far he has resisted all my attempts. I have motion lights out there and I have one clip where it looks like he’s frolicking under the light. My neighbors across the street have a motion light and I woke up at 5am the other morning and that light went on so I peeked out the window and I think I saw some Stinkys playing on their lawn. It was dark and my eyes are terrible so I can’t be sure. I could have been their cat.

We’ve also had bunny, opossum, and coyote in the past week so our house remains popular on the tour.

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The Good Ship Clusterfukatonia

Noah the cat that lives next door, captured in this photo, September 2017

So, if you tried to visit this website over the weekend you might have noticed that it was completely wrecked.

There’s a story behind that which is hard for me to explain but basically there is this thing I need to do for security that has been on my list to deal with for at least 2 years, probably longer.

Church in Missouri where a particular type of silence is required, August 2016

I felt that the time had come to finally deal with this.

I opened up a “how to do this thing” article online and it looked too easy to be true and I did feel a vague sense of impending doom but also reckless optimism which was followed by regret only a few short minutes later.

Then I realized that I did Step 2 before I had done Step 1.

Unfortunately, at that point I could not access my dashboard so there was no way to undo what I did.

Kira birthday cupcakes that made my digestive system incredibly sorry, September, 2015. I should clarify it wasn’t the cupcakes themselves but the quantity. I think I ate 5 over a three day period.

My webhosting has good support, even for people like me who aren’t good at technology but it took several steps like going to this other dashboard that I forgot even existed but thank the flying spaghetti monster I still had the password and then refreshing and thinking good thoughts.

But that didn’t work and when we got to the next step it became apparent that my skills were not going to cut it. I’m sure it was an easy thing to do but at that point it was easier to pay someone $20 to do it than for me to read through 10 screens of things I don’t understand and take a chance of doing it wrong again and making it worse.

So it is working now but also I am afraid to click anything in my website dashboard now.

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These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For

I always think that this word is: foilage. That’s how I say it in my head, “foil-idge.” Whenever I want to write it out, I have to think about it.

Something happened last week that never happened before and I received an email for another Pamela Rentz.

It was about this Fall Foliage Prediction Map. The other Pam wrote an article about it once.

Here’s the blurb: The 2021 Fall Foliage Map is the ultimate visual planning guide to the annual progressive changing of the leaves. While no tool can be 100% accurate, this tool is meant to help travelers better time their trips to have the best opportunity of catching peak color each year.

I am going to be driving to Orleans in the middle of October. Looks like partial to near peak range. I love doing the drive at that time of year.

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Rock N’ Roll!

When I was in my 20s, rock music was my life. I have told a few tales before like this classic post from 2004 and this one when Heidi and I went to see The Cult in Las Vegas.

Last Sunday I did something that I haven’t done since, urgh 2001, and went to a big concert in an arena. Yes, I realize that during the Plague is a strange time to break my resolve to never go to a big concert again.

My cousin kind-of tricked me and next thing I knew I had my credit card out and soon had two tickets to see Guns N’ Roses.

I now own a $75 t-shirt. After I wear it, I fold it in tissue and put it in a velvet-lined box in a special moisture-controlled room.

I have only seen them one other time in 1989 at the Cathouse. They played It’s So Easy three times and turned it into this video (mature audiences only.)

It was *amazing.*

I loved every minute.

So many memories of going to concerts when I was younger. The interminable wait for the band to come on. After awhile, whenever one of the warm-up songs ends, everyone starts cheering and then stops when another song comes on. The smell of pot as soon as the lights go down. The feel of the drums in my chest. It was a good crowd. Everyone was there to have a good time.

It was the first arena show at Moda Center since Covid.

They played 3 hours, 25 songs. Matt showed me his phone when it got past 11. “We’re getting our moneys worth.”

We did.

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Turned the Corner

This is now the third time I’ve caught the coyote on camera so I guess we’re part of his rotation. And smart move for him seeing how many animals we have running around back there. (Also, I think he left us a turd back there.)

Yesterday bunny showed up. I haven’t caught him on camera for awhile.

I do consistently get Stinky but haven’t seen the family. I put the water bucket away and I have some motion lights out there so maybe they are doing their job?

But also who knows what’s going on in the back half of the yard. Maybe I’ll put the camera back there again. I need to research other ways of mounting the camera. We don’t have anything to strap it to back there.

There’s always a moment in August when you realize that summer has turned the corner. The days are getting a teeny bit shorter. When the sun is down there is a coolness in the air.

When you’re young and in school, this is a sad moment because you can see summer is going to end soon. But now I like that moment.

My pumpkin/squash crop is incredible this year. I better check the freezer and see how much we have left from last year. Time to eat pumpkin.

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A Startled Stinky

I like how Stinky looks startled at the end. What do you think it was? It noticed the camera? Bigfoot was hiding in the shadows? Another Stinky?


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Garden Bounty

Our office building is getting more people back to work but earlier in the year when there were very few of us, I made friends with one of the security guys.

I was in the mailroom and this door that says “No Admittance” or “Technical Only” or something like that opened and startled me. The security guy came out and let me see inside. He’d carved out a tiny break area around the building innards. One chair, small table, and tiny microwave.

The kind of conversations you would never have in the before times. I think I already wrote how I’ve befriended my bus drivers.

These are my lemon cucumbers I started on the windowsill. How do you think they’re doing? I keep watering them.

Look at my giant tomato!

HAHA. I got that tiny tube of toothpaste last time I was at a hotel and I’ve been saving it to use for scale when I photograph my garden bounty. You’ll be seeing it again.

The other morning these two raccoons came through late. Looks like a mom and young one? Look how the smaller one hangs back, like he’s ready to go to bed, why are we running around in the daylight?

They hung out long enough to get a drink and bath and look cute for the camera.

After this clip there was one more of them wandering into the hedge.

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Complaining About the AC

One afternoon I got on the bus with a driver I’ve never seen before.

The bus AC was weak. Only enough to keep us from roasting but it wasn’t cool on the bus. This is unusual because if it’s more than 60 degrees and the sun is shining the bus is usually freezing with cold air blasting from every corner.

There were three women on the bus and one man. As soon as the man sat down he started grumbling about the AC. He changed seats three times and then complained out loud and then marched to the front of the bus where he berated the bus driver.

The women all sat in our seats and read our books.

Then the man returned to his seat which was the seat behind me and he called customer service and complained some more. He said the bus driver didn’t know what he was doing, that he wasn’t communicating, that he wouldn’t answer his questions about the AC. He also demanded that the bus turn around and take him back to the transit mall.

He may have been onto something in terms of the bus driver not knowing what he was doing because he drove the wrong route and stopped in downtown where Mr. Complainer signaled that he wanted to exit. Then he went to the front of the bus and complained again and said he was getting off the bus to wait for another bus.

So he exited into 98 degree heat to wait for another bus rather than sit on the bus another 10 minutes and get to his stop.

In the last couple of days a squirrel has discovered a rich food source under the bird feeders. Every time I look out there he’s parked under there. There are also some larger birds that can’t fit on the feeder that pick up some snacks there.

I had this brilliant idea that I would set up the trail cam to get some shots of the squirrel and the birds.

I ended up with 8 hours of clips of nothing but waving flowers and a dead battery. (It wasn’t 100 degrees. The camera was in direct sun.)

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We Were the Hottest (Except for The Dalles)

So this was one more ridiculous thing that happened that proves that Mother Earth is mad and wants her planet back.

It was really terrible but also not as terrible as I thought it would be?

We have AC and were able to stay locked in the house. I can’t wait to see the electric bill.

I went outside and stood in the sun so I could tell myself this is what 115 feels like. It feels like a radiating hot oven of terrible. There was a hot breeze. It felt like one stray spark from total disaster.

I went to the office on Monday because we had a conference call that I could not take from home. I left early and I had to wait for the bus for about 15 minutes. There was plenty of shade but it was intense. There was a 30 second period where I thought: I can’t do this.

But I didn’t know what else to do. If I went back to the office, I would have to come back eventually and wait for the bus.

The last day of the extreme heat was the strangest. It was 115 at 6pm and by 9pm it was down in the 80s. By morning it was okay.

The yard did better than expected but my one super productive blueberry bush has lots of shrivels. The rhodies have burned leaves poor babies. The hydrangea is looking fried.

The tomatoes loved it. They grew taller. I should have ripe cherry tomatoes any day now.

Let’s all agree not to do this again.

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