Toes The Vindictive Cat

Toes is another next door cat. Once, he and I were friends. He would come over and we’d hang out.

But then every time I saw him in my yard he was taking a crap. Like a crap right in the middle of the garden.

I would run out there and yell: do I take a crap in your yard?

Then he got so used to it he would just squat there and stare at me while I yelled so I started running out there waving a rake at him.

That annoyed him. So now he waits until I’m washing dishes. I’ll be standing at the sink looking out and he will wait until I see him and then calmly take a crap while holding eye contact. Clearly this is someone I crossed in another life.

Even in the middle of the night he’s looking right at me while he sprays.

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