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Rhubarb Alien

December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I did all the hard parts of this letter first including tweaking the layout which usually takes about two and a half days because I have to go through a bazillion CSS tutorials to remember how to fake like I know what I'm doing. I also already wrote the story.

Writing this used to be the easiest part but now whenever anything interesting happens I write it on the blog. I've been searching for some scandalous new tidbits for this letter but not coming up with anything. This is a summary with links in case you want to go back for in-depth reading.

We both had a good year with a bunch of adventures. We had a big Clarion West group here for Spring break. And we pretty much ate, drank and talked when we weren't busy on our laptops.

We went to Seattle to see Leonard Cohen which was fantastic. And we had our second worst hotel experience of all time which resulted in one of my favorite posts of the year Motel Doom. Choice quote:

Stained carpet, patched walls, tiny bed and smelled like smoker heaven.

"I'm certain someone has been murdered in this room," I said.

I went to Wisconsin to hang out with Clarion West people some more. I did two Orleans trips this summer to make up for not having any in summer 08.

I went to Atlanta to see a Cracker Barrel and visit a CW person. My entire travel budget was CW people this year.

I had an epically successful garden this year with tomatoes, acorn squash and beets being my most successful crops along with pumpkins, peas and potatoes. Plus tons of dahlias.

Sorry these snowflakes turned out looking stupid. I'm too lazy to go back and fix them.