Christmas 08: Snowbound

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Mom, Dad and Priscilla at the zoo.

Bob, Erin and Dad walk along the Klamath.

Banner shot is the Klamath River near Orleans.

December 31, 2008

Uh, Happy Presidents' Day.

This is actually the holiday newsletter even though I'm writing it in what is pushing mid-January. I'm keeping the 2008 date up there to help me remember what I'm doing here.

When I started this letter I decided to go back through and scan my blogposts for 2008 to see what I'd been up to and it took me two tries to get the year right. Welcome decrepitude!

I always intended to do a holiday letter for 08 and it's not like I didn't have tons of time due to the snow/freezing rain/snow dump that kept us indoors for a huge part of the holiday vacation. But I never could figure out how I wanted to write about this year and since I had so many other writing projects going, this became the one that I kept prioritizing last.

My solution is that this is going to be short.

Really, it's almost finished. I'll link to stuff I already wrote about in case you need more reading in your life. Also I'm skipping the paper version and not spending any extra time tweaking this to try to get it to look right. Also, a slight change in format which you will see at the end.

Bob and I had a great year. We went to bluegrass. [We're actually doing that again today, but you can't hear about it until next year.] We helped throw a great 70th birthday party for my Mom. We developed some sort comics theme and saw a R. Crumb exhibit in Seattle. Then we saw Art Spiegelman who wrote Maus which I actually haven't read yet but I'm going to. It's made it to the stack next to the bed which means I'm very close to getting to it. And we saw Spain Rodriguez another underground cartoonist guy.

I learned to make paella and planted tulips for the first time. And had my first tulip bandit clip tulips next to my front door. I saw a baby elephant.

Then two momentous things happened this summer. One is, we did our first major remodeling project. And by we, I mean we hired people to do it.

I don't understand remodeling. I love the finished bathroom and I wasn't even home while they did the work but I hated the process. I think if we need any additional remodeling, we'll just move. It's over now and I enjoy my beautiful bathroom every day.

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