Clarion West Week #4

Seafood Poultry

Wow. I can’t believe I’ve been here a month.

Another great week. Connie Willis is awesome. I have 10 trillion things to do today so I don’t have time for a long-winded post. Perhaps 1 day next week.

All of a sudden its getting too late for all the things I planned on doing like visit friends and try certain restaurants. Oh well. I’ll be in Seattle again.

A couple of quick Connie advice items:

If you’re going to do public appearances always be prepared for wardrobe malfunctions.

Never send your classmates clippings of their bad reviews in your local paper.

There were some great quotes this week but I don’t have them handy so I’ll give two of mine:

“You’ve got an alien in a thong and a talking woodchuck. It didn’t bother me that Dylan Thomas was there.”

“He seemed awfully easy going for an overlord.”

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