I call this one: lost in Cleveland. OR discovering hidden Cleveland. That's Bob with high school friend Bill in the driver's seat.

(Click on photos for a larger version.)

Fires in Orleans. This is one of the water helicopters.

Alicia's Wedding. L to R: Alicia, Antje, Walker, Me, Cherie and Collette. Can you spot the Photoshop?


I spent the entire month of June parked in front of the TV watching soccer. When I wasn't watching soccer I was blogging about soccer, reading other blogs about soccer, sending emails to people about soccer or talking to people about soccer. When I wasn't doing that I took short naps and got frozen pizzas in and out of the oven.

I didn't keep official count but I ended up seeing all or part of at least 50 games (out of 64). It was awesome.

A few choice thoughts:

Did Trinidad and Tobago kick ass or what !?

Was I dreaming or did KIA have an ad that featured Balki and a mime !?

It's rough to get up at 6am and go straight into soccer. It's hard to clap and jump around at that hour.

I wanted England to be better. I was happy to see Germany go as far as they did. USA better luck next time. A LOT better luck.

I didn't like the announcers.

Italy is one of my favorite teams, Cannavaro is my soul mate (in the physical sense), and I was happy that they won except I wasn't happy about the way the Australia game went down so had some slight resentments against them.

Cleveland Rocks

In the middle of World Cup I had to get up off the couch because we took a trip to Cleveland for a wedding.

We had a great trip, and Cleveland is a cool place to visit with yummy food, Rock n' Roll Hall of fame and exciting urban pockets. I managed to squeeze in a few "must see" games in between running around town and attending a super fun wedding.

We met a friend of Bob's from high school who drove us around. We went to University Circle and looked at the Frank Gehry building and walked around enjoying the day. We had great weather, mostly mild, sure-muggy, and a fair amount of rain but nothing we couldn't handle. While we were there, there were areas of flooding in Ohio but not near us.

Bob went home and I took a side trip to Michigan which was lovely and which, other than a couple of the baby, failed to get any decent photos. I hung out with Auntie and Jennifer and the kiddiepies. We went to swimming lessons and outlet stores and did crossword puzzles. It was a perfect break.

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