Pam and Bob at High Sierra Music Festival

Bob grabs a cracker with the Festival Gnome.

Me and Dave Wakeling do Run Hit Wonder.


In July we went to the High Sierra Music Festival (again) which is four days of round the clock music which is about two days more than I would ever possibly need.

Fortunately, this year, I got to fly to Reno and drive in with Walker and thus I missed part 1 of the 10 hour drive and the sleeping in the car overnight for a campspot and the first two days of non-stop music. You know, the stuff that might be fun if you're a music fanatic or 22 but not optimal for an old cranky fart like me who's trying to be a good sport and whose first choice would be a fancy hotel in Hawaii with refreshing adult beverages and sparkling blue water. Of course, dancing with hippies in the dust runs a close second.

Walker and I arrived after dark and I was anxious to find my sweetheart but first we had to find where Walker was staying, which was in the RV park. We ran into various people we knew and hippies are like Indians, they all want to stand around and visit. Finally we got to the front gate and get the bad news that they don't have any wristbands, we have to go to Will Call. We whine and complain but it does no good. We have to go back to the car and drive over there and of course it's like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and we get totally lost and get busted because we cut through the cones instead of driving on the dark drive to nowhere and have to backtrack. We finally get our wristbands and into the park and find our people who are practically weeping because they are so happy to see us and have been enjoying the rich hippie culture.

Saw lots of fun music and of course I can't remember the bands except: Walter Wolfman Washington and we had an incredible dinner at Chef Larry's with jambalaya and roasted bell pepper bisque and chicken on sticks and tons of other faboo stuff.

Run Hit Wonder

The major highlight of the summer was the Run Hit Wonder. Bob and I don't run, in case you were wondering. But we walk and we heard this was a can't-miss event so we signed up. (And now we're on mailing lists for running events which is hilarious.) At various points during the race they had bands such as: Tone Loc, Vanilla Ice and Devo was the big headliner at the end of the event.

But the first band on our race route was General Public, which in a previous incarnation was the English Beat and we stopped there and didn't leave until they finished playing.

It was like running into an old friend that you didn't even realized you missed. They played every GP and EB hit and they sounded fantastic. We missed Flock of Seagulls and Devo's first few songs because we had to hurry through the whole rest of the race course with the other 15 stragglers.

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