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Big Word Power Issue

Pam on Film

This is the year I discovered action movies and fell in love with Arnold. I can't recall that I've ever intentionally checked out a testosterone flick, being more of a Enchanted April kind of gal. However, this summer I went on a renting/big screen spree and saw the Terminators and Total Recall, Last Action Hero, Cliffhanger, Jurassic Park, The Fugitive and so on. I just had the best time.

This year's recommendations are: Truly, Madly, Deeply; Mediterraneo, Europa, Europa, Joy Luck Club and Much Ado About Nothing. Remains of the Day is a good movie, brilliant book. And how can I forget - Dazed and Confused. Martha Washington, man.

For your convenience, I have developed the Pam Movie and Book Tissue Box Rating System which I present here with examples:

So lame, it makes you want to cry. Exs: Film: Bonfire of the Vanities. Anything written by Robert James Waller.

Sad, happy or other emotional moments where you feel choked up but usually don't actually shed tears. Ex: Film: Aladdin. Book: Like Water For Chocolate

At least one major sad or happy scene. You shed tears and need at least one hankie. Ex: Film: Wizard of Oz. Book: Lonesome Dove.

Pammy and Scotty in 1964.

So sad you actually sob, usually through more than one scene. Ex: Joy Luck Club [book/film], A Prayer for Owen Meany, a short story that I forget the name of by a writer named Banana Yoshimoto which still chokes me up every time I think about it.

Personal Revelation

Have you ever noticed something about yourself, or maybe about life in general, but it suddenly becomes clear, like it just happened? Like for me it finally occurred to me that The Doobie Brothers is not a family of guys, last name Doobie. Also, I just noticed this past year that my hair has become curly. especially when we get some good rain going. Also it recently came to my attention what a thrift-meister I am. I wouldn't call myself cheap, like I don't try to scam my way out paying tip when I'm chipping in on a group check at a restaurant. Or I don't drive across town to save .03¢ on a can of refried beans. But I do drive out of my way to go to this $2 dry-cleaners where I swear all they do is take my clothes out back and blow dry-cleaning smell on them, wrap 'em up in plastic and hand them back to me. And I practically sprained my wrist getting the last squidge of toothpaste out of the tube. And I refuse to pay non-bargain prices when I go to the movies which means I never go at night. But please, I'd be SO mad if I'd paid $7 to see some major dog, like say, Sliver. Which I did see only for free. Man that film sucked.

Winding Down

That's all for this year. Thank you all for coming, hope you had a nice time. I hope everyone has a profitable and peaceful Christmas and good luck in the new year.

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