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I saw John DeLorean at Arby's


And while we're on the subject of Bridget -- has anyone ever noticed how she always has these impossibly groovy housing situations? In Little Buddha, she's like a school teacher or something and married to Chris Isaak, architect (it could happen, but not to you) and they live in this structural masterpiece with lots of glass and a spectacular view of Puget Sound. In It Could Happen to You she's just gone bankrupt, and according to the plot line she has some walletsucking husband yet she had this spacious apartment in New York city on a waitress's salary. Then in Singles she pours lattes for a living and lives alone in a fab one-bedroom apartment in Seattle, not to mention having enough money to pay for a boob job in cash. In Leather Jackets (if you haven't heard of it, it's on video. Don't waste your time--trust me on this) she lives with her parents yet has ample opportunity to bonk around with a series of men in her bedroom including at one point a couple of brothers and a set of pearls. (I know I've sparked your interest, but I repeat, trust me: don't rent it.) In Single White Female she had another boss apartment, at least that time she needed a roommate.

Falling off the wagon


LASHER by Anne Rice. Like all things not Scottish--it's crap. Read Tale of the Body Thief again and do not think about Tom Cruise when you do it. Griffin and Sabine trio by Nicholas Bannock--cool. Mating by Norman Rush--have the dictionary handy. Life After Death by Susan Compo--see Anne Rice review. Life After God by Douglas Coupland read with Gospel by Wilton Barnhardt. Write me a ten page essay comparing the religious themes. Due: February 1st. Something different: Suicide Blonde by Darcey Steinke, The Butcher Boy by Patrick McCabe, Amnesia by Douglas Cooper. Good no-brainer: A Simple Plan by Scott Smith.


Winner of the 1994 Kenny Loggins movie theme soundtrack award: Bryan Adams. Scariest collaboration of all time: BRYAN, ROD AND STING. Is the apocalypse finally upon us? I like: Sugar, Toad, L7, Smashing Pumpkins. "Artists" who if I hear that damn song one more time I will go stark raving post office: Sheryl Crow (that song gets just completely ingrained on your skull and you can't make it go away) Lisa Loeb, Counting Crows.


"Veggie". Not that it's a real word, but it is a word people use, particularly around me being that I am a non-animal consumer. People are always telling me they know where I can get a veggie burger or else we can stop at the store and pick up veggies. Likewise do loathe the word tummy, although generally you only find it used by people with small children. Belly doesn't cause me any grief--try to imagine if Tanya Donnally had called her band Tummy.

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PHOTOGRAPH: Me at Cousin Kathy's Bachelorette Party. Photographer: Aileen

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