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Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 11:09:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pamela Rentz
Subject: Turns Out Tooth Fairy Doesn't Exist

Hi y'all:

We made it out of Prague with everything. They gouged and exploited me all I care for in this lifetime.

Before I talk about Vienna, I have to tell you about this wacky show Bob dragged me to in CZ. According to him, CZ is ground zero for puppet theater and blacklight theater. Lucky them. So Bob found out online before we even left about this Beatles Yellow Submarine puppet show which turned out to be this Being John Malkovich puppet show thing - if you think it sounds wierd, you dont know the half of it. The first scene was this broken down juke box playing Yellow Subm. while these blue bulldog puppets attacked it. Bob owes me for life. Even stranger were these four couples - thuggy guys like you'd see in an Eastern European Scorcese movie along with their tall hair microdress young girlfriends. These were the people sitting next to us. We did nothing to draw their attention.

Now: Saturday eve, 8pm Vienna

I heartily endorse this product.

Vienna = Wien and the people are Wieners and every other sign Wiener something - a source of endless infantile giggling.

We like it here and are mastering the ring streets pretty okay. Today we walked around a bunch of old stuff (probably should have done more homework before we got here) then found the main pedestrian shopping area. I bought pants, top, 2 pr. wool tights and other misc. for $60. Love that dollar.

And guess what I found? Probably no one outside mz familz will get this (zes, back to those wackz German kezboards, as soon as I type faster than 4 wds a minute, I lose it) but I found a ROUND Mozart Kugeln THE SIZE OF A GRAPEFRUIT!! OOPS; HELP CAPS LOCK. I was dreaming of getting home and sawing on that thing with a knife. I couldn't stop talking about it. Finally, Bob gently points out that it's just a round box filled with little kugeln. It was like finding out there is no tooth fairy. I pouted all during lunch.

What else?

It's the Third Man

We went to a lovely church with a big sign at the door of a cherub with his finger on his lips and we quietly enjoyed this sacred place when a guy wearing a jumpsuit starts vacuuming. This whole place is a series of funny images. On our walk into town this am we walked bz first a Tibetan Buddhist store, then Tiberious Leather and Latex Tools (think: hip boots and handcuffs in the window), then a children's learning center store - side by side. Body mind and spirit, all right there for you.

Later, a restaurant with wall art: a serving wench, a black man playing the sax, a jolly man drinking beer and an angel holding a ruler by his unit. Later again in the park, an Asian lady wearing a lime green turtleneck, capri pants jogging back and forth in the park. What a town.

Tonight food and the ferris wheel from The Third Man. Tomorrow - museums and cemetaries. Mondaz to Utting.

lovezou, Pamela

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