It's Pam, Sophie, Lisa and Luis

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 10:28:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pamela Rentz
Subject: Currywurst, the new taste treat

Hay all:

7:20pm Wednesdaz, Munich, Germany

Getting a little run down at this point. One more week ...

Just had a GREAT two dazs in Utting with my cousin and her familz. It was so nice to sit around drinking tea and talking instead of running all over town trying to see things. Also got everything straight on the Kunstlers.

Currywurst Rules

We took the train from Vienna to Passau and Lisa picked us up there. Then straight to Utting due to inclement weather. Utting is rural and pretty and peaceful and every tired travelers dream.

We took a little walk on the Danube and did a load of laundrz which we hope will tide us over for the rest of the trip. Last night we went out with Lisa and Flori and enjoyed the ultimate German junkfood currywurst and pomme: a fancy hot dog smothered in a sauce like BBQ with curry in it and french fries. If you know anything about my eating habits you can guess how unhappz my digestive system has been with me. It was good tho.

The love of Bob's Life

Munich has been fun so far, we still aren't totally oriented zet and spend lots of time being lost which tends to wear on you. We went to the Landsbachhaus Museum -- very cool and walked around the pedestrian zone shopping area, found a GREAT vegetarian restaurant -- wow, I ate lentils. I am happy now. Probably bed early because we have an ambitious gameplan for tomorrow.



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