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God, is this the most long winded travel documentary in history?

I just read through my posts from GAP and they seem pretty comprehensive.

Here's a story. On the busy day when we were driving back and forth all over town, during the last few days of xmas shopping, repeatedly either dropping off or picking up kid(s), and meanwhile helping the kids that weren't at piano lesson or choir practice pick out xmas presents which entailed visiting various stores, we got back late to pick up Annie from choir practice.

When we found her she was tear stained wreck because this really mean girl, and apparently there is a town committee that meets regularly to deal with this girl because she has been pathologically cruel for years, had cornered Annie and intimidated her with taunts that her Mom was in a car crash and screaming in the wreck and going to die. Nice kid.

We gathered Annie up and loaded her into the van and she told us this story and her two older sisters jumped from their seats and said, "Mom, stop the car. We're going to go kick her ass." And someone, who will remain nameless, stopped the car and said: "Go for it."

Sadly, little Damiena had already run off so vengeance had to wait for another day.

I'm going to wrap up here. We had a wonderful xmas celebration. In Munich we mostly wandered around the Marienplatz shopping and we did one final museum: hausderkunst and we visited the schatzhäuser exhibit which was historic art and items that are in private hands. Interesting exhibit and the museum building was incredible.

Page 4 is just a few last pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

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