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LeRoy Wilder was born in Eureka, California on July 15, 1944. He has the same birthday as Iris Murdoch (1919), Jan-Michael Vincent (1944), Linda Ronstadt (1946), Jesse Ventura (1951), Willie Aames (1960), Lolita Davidovich (1961), Forest Whitaker (1961), Brigitte Nielsen (1963), Brian Austin Green (1973).

You can find out who you share a birthday with at the Internet Movie Database.

Clear Creek

LeRoy grew up in northern California in Happy Camp and the surrounding area. He spent many hot summer days, like this one in 1955, swimming in Clear Creek with sister Lillian and Leonard Kantzipper. I wonder what ever happened to ol' Leonard. Lillian retired in 1997 and moved to Orleans with her husband, Werner.


LeRoy's oldest sister, Pat, lives in Orleans with her husband Willard and teaches school in Hoopa. Here, Pat tries to talk LeRoy into hot-wiring a car.


LeRoy has always been an avid fruit consumer. His favorite apples are the kind baked into pies.

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