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Remember Back in February When We Had Snow?

These are photos from months ago when it snowed.

I can’t even remember the exact sequence of events. I think it snowed and then a day later we had an ice storm.

Or maybe I’m confused from December.

It’s pretty. The steps are from me running out to feed the birds.

I think this was one of the neighbor cats, probably Noah, sneaking through hoping to find a spot without snow.

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Blue Jays And The Spool of Destiny


Opossum and bunny have been hanging out in the yard for long stretches of time just sitting there nibbling or whatever they do in the middle of the night. One time I pulled 147 clips from the camera after only 3 days. I love them but it takes a long time to go through 147 clips. Skunky has only shown up once in the last several weeks – I hope that’s not because there’s a litter of skunkies under the shed. Mousey ran through the other night.

Lots of raccoon shots. At least one comes through every night.

The other day I was out in the yard trying to get the spring weed jungle situation under control.

The blue jays recognize me as peanut lady and they hang out on the power lines and fly around my general vicinity to make sure I know they are there.

I put their peanuts on the Spool of Destiny so they were landing there, too.

Who should show up but Noah, the next door cat, strolling casually through the yard. Blue jay flew to the spool, spotted the cat and blasted out the blue jay screech of warning as it zoomed back to the overhead wires.

I called to Noah to leave the birds alone and he came over to me to get petted — the cat who goes out of his way to completely ignore me suddenly wanted my attention.

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The Good Ship Clusterfukatonia

Noah the cat that lives next door, captured in this photo, September 2017

So, if you tried to visit this website over the weekend you might have noticed that it was completely wrecked.

There’s a story behind that which is hard for me to explain but basically there is this thing I need to do for security that has been on my list to deal with for at least 2 years, probably longer.

Church in Missouri where a particular type of silence is required, August 2016

I felt that the time had come to finally deal with this.

I opened up a “how to do this thing” article online and it looked too easy to be true and I did feel a vague sense of impending doom but also reckless optimism which was followed by regret only a few short minutes later.

Then I realized that I did Step 2 before I had done Step 1.

Unfortunately, at that point I could not access my dashboard so there was no way to undo what I did.

Kira birthday cupcakes that made my digestive system incredibly sorry, September, 2015. I should clarify it wasn’t the cupcakes themselves but the quantity. I think I ate 5 over a three day period.

My webhosting has good support, even for people like me who aren’t good at technology but it took several steps like going to this other dashboard that I forgot even existed but thank the flying spaghetti monster I still had the password and then refreshing and thinking good thoughts.

But that didn’t work and when we got to the next step it became apparent that my skills were not going to cut it. I’m sure it was an easy thing to do but at that point it was easier to pay someone $20 to do it than for me to read through 10 screens of things I don’t understand and take a chance of doing it wrong again and making it worse.

So it is working now but also I am afraid to click anything in my website dashboard now.

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We Have A New Cook

Well, I can see how using this photo with this title is confusing. The photo is unrelated to the subject matter.

This is Noah, one of the next door cats. If Oakey is the cat who looks like he’s going to kill you, Noah is the cat who looks startled. The other morning I lifted the window shade and he was out on the porch, eyes wide, staring at me.

When Bob was getting ready to retire he kept saying that he was going to do the cooking. I was skeptical.

But he has taken over about 99% of the cooking. On the days I work from home he often makes me lunch, too. On the days he makes breakfast he offers that, too. I had a pancake and bacon yesterday.

He’s really into it, too, and looks for recipes and tries different things. He makes lots of vegetables.

One night he told me he’d found this recipe blogger and she was focused on making simple, healthy meals for her family.

I scoffed and said, “That’s ALL the recipe bloggers. Is her name Tammy?”

Her name is not Tammy and she does have an approachable style and anyway, what do I care? I get a big break from cooking. Even when I have an idea for something to make he’ll say: “Well, we still have some noodles and I wanted to mix them with that last bit of sauce I made, and use up the last of the ricotta. And tomorrow I wanted to thaw the chicken and use those peppers for fajitas. I also have those sausages that I wanted to fix this week but maybe after that if you want.

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Backyard Menagerie

The camera arrived on the 24th and I’ve had a couple of nights where the card went haywire or my camera positioning was doodoo. This is the cast of characters I’ve identified with some guessing.

(Seriously, this is one of the best toys I’ve ever gotten. I knew we had animal activity back there but no idea it was like this.)

This is Noah from next door.

Toes also from next door. There have been other cats that have shown up but were too far off for me to identify with certainty. I need one of those systems like on CSI where I can ENHANCE! ENHANCE FURTHER!

This is Pogo. I’ve only gotten him on camera a couple of times.

This is Mama. I am not clear whether she has been back through. I haven’t identified her in any of the other photos.

Here’s Heckle and Jeckle again. They’ve shown up several nights but not always close to the camera. I need to start a spreadsheet with the dates and times and who shows up. You know, for science.

And this is Rocket. He’s kind-of beat up looking. Poor old guy.

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Wild Life

There’s a hole in the hedge outside my window and I’ve been wondering if a critter was hanging out in there.

Yesterday morning the hedge was shaking and I spotted a little bit of brown fur and then its little bandit face. It slept there all day. I tried to see when it left at night but it was too dark. It did not return and I’m happy about that because I don’t really want a raccoon living in our hedge full time.

We walk through there and do yard work and I don’t want a frightened raccoon flying out and biting me. I plan to monitor to see what its habits are. Maybe it was just goofing off and didn’t have time to get home so had to crash on our couch.

We also have blue jays nesting in the other end of the hedge by the fence. I see them out in the yard all the time but the minute I get the camera out they vanish. Hopefully my poorly executed Photoshop will help you spot it.

This is where the nest is. I was out checking the garden and I could hear all kinds of peeping and carrying on.

You can also see I’ve got my tomato plants out in their little greenhouses.

Photo not by me, photo by tonynetone. Thank you for CC photos.

Also this week we saw Noah (next door cat) wandering through the yard on the way home with a rodent in his mouth. We texted the neighbor “incoming!” She texted us back a picture of a mole (not a rodent but no need for a science lesson here) and conveyed her thrill at the cat’s thoughtfulness. We didn’t save the photo so I found this one.

When you search “mole” images you also get pictures of sauce. It took me second to figure out that one.

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The Mystery of the Missing Cats

I thought I wrote about when our next door neighbors’ cat disappeared during the summer but I guess not. Noah vanished. They even put out fliers.

At the time, the rental next door was empty and there was someone over there cleaning and had a couple of kids there. I was convinced the cat must have gotten stuck in the house or maybe, since he’s such a sweetie, the kids took him.

Guess who we found in our basement days after this all started?

I felt terrible. When I water, the garage and back doors are open and the cats have gone into our garage before and always run away when I come back in.  I actually checked when the cat was lost but the basement door is usually shut and it never occurred to me to take a look downstairs.

In our defense, the cat was hiding. Bob just saw him for a second before it ran away to hide. Of course all this happened at 6am. I told Bob it was too early to call but he texted and the neighbor was at work and woke up his wife, who came over immediately and coaxed him out.

They were convinced that he wasn’t at our house the entire time. He escaped one bad situation and ran in our garage door in a panic an ended up freaked out in the basement.

And this is probably exactly what happened because last night Bob was visiting with a different neighbor whose cat disappeared at the same time. She was worried and walking back and forth on our street and she spotted her cat in the window of the rental. Remember? Empty.

The cat started jumping around when it saw her. She walked around the house until she found the cat door and stuck her hand through and ZOOM! her cat came out.

Poor Noah must have gotten stuck over there as well.

Not so luckily, people live there now. Update to come.

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Disappearing Mac Salad

This is Roscoe, the other next door cat and current ruler of the stoop. I can’t remember the last time I saw Toes out there. I saw Noah out there getting hissed at. I was out watering and for a second I didn’t want to disturb him until I remembered that he doesn’t live here. I do.

Now that I’m in the middle of a writing project, there is no spare creative energy of any kind.

Almost every meal is tacos or Trader Joes prepared foods or something I can stretch out for 2 or 3 meals. I have no ideas for gifts. I have no energy for house projects except for light organizing. I have no ideas for posts. I have no ideas.

We have just reached the point where we pick more berries than we can eat each day. Not complaining!

I found 3 extra brain cells and squandered them to make something other than tacos this weekend.

Since it was so hot I did a ton of food preparation on Friday. I made a mac salad and a couscous salad. I made a jello mold with fruit. Don’t laugh. It’s refreshing on a hot day.

On Friday I made Kenji smash burgers. Recipe here. Video and recipe here. I very very highly recommend. I kind of messed it up and it was still amazing. Plus it’s fast and easy. Use American cheese and make the special sauce. You won’t be sorry.

I have enough beef left for one regular and one mini smash burger tonight. The mac salad is already gone. There is a ton of couscous salad.

Project of August:

I’m actually behind on this. I got stuck. And then I panicked. And then I sat here staring at the screen going: OMG, think of something! Quick! Hurry! You’re falling behind! Think of something!

Turns out: That doesn’t work. I had to back up. Take a couple of days to unravel and regroup. I think I’m back on track now.

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Now that the project of August is out in the world, I am catching up on all the people and activities I abandoned while I was working on it. (I will be back to work on finalizing it and abandoning everyone again, very soon.) I made 2 peach & berry pies last weekend for a party. And I made this peach pie today to bring on a visit to my mother-in-law. Fresh fruit pie is my favorite food.

I still haven’t given up on finding my lost wallet items. I’m going to take everything off my computer desk and I still haven’t thoroughly gone through the closet in my writing room. It’s looking hopeless but I don’t want to quit yet.

Have you ever learned something new about something you never thought about? But after you had the new information you couldn’t believe how stupid you were?

I saw a photo last week of a field of sunflowers with all the sunflowers facing the same direction except one. I can’t remember the caption but it inspired me to click around and I learned that sunflowers face east.

My sunflowers always face my kitchen window. It never occurred to me to ponder why they always face the kitchen window. Somewhere in a deep corner of my brain no explanation was needed. They face the direction where I want to look at them. There was never any reason to question that.

The other morning I watched a squirrel dangle off the top of a sunflower and chew a flower off and then crawl up the fence dragging a giant flower.

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This is Noah as in “No-ah, we aren’t getting another cat.” That’s the next door neighbors. Not us.

Noah is very sweet but did not like the camera. There is another cat that I was getting confused with Noah. But that cat has a collar and is named Franklin. We seem to cycle through cats quickly in this neighborhood. Louie from across the street disappeared and I haven’t seen Babs in awhile.

This is what the garden looks like at present. The tomatoes aren’t doing shiddly-doo. The volunteer is doing okay but the ones I bought at the grocery store are just sitting there. One of them probably got too toasted. There seems to be a volunteer acorn squash. There are a couple of bunches of spinach. Tons of potatoes. Ridiculous amounts of potatoes. I didn’t plant much so I can’t complain.

Here is the big news. The project of August is finished. Well, the first draft. Yes, it is below target but close enough. It has gone out to the first readers. You will probably not hear about it again until the end of next month. Meanwhile, I’m not sure what to do with myself. I read an interview with Francine Prose years and years ago, where she said when she had insomnia, she would get up and write.

Normally, when I have insomnia I can’t comprehend getting up to write but I’ve been doing it the last few weeks. It’s kind of weird when you’re keeling over at 11am to realize you’ve been up for 8 hours.

I’ve ignored everything else in life while I was writing, but now that I have momentum, I hate to stop. We’ll see what I do next.

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