May 7-8-9, 1999


Originally this was going to be a great narrative masterpiece, detailing every moment of our wild and crazy weekend. In the interim, I never got around to writing it so now we have some photographs with detailed captions.

Monte Carlo

The plan: get together with girlfriends in Las Vegas. The gang from left to right (back row) Jenny, Antje, Me, Margo; (front) Sacco, Cherie, Kim, Walker. Why is Collette not in this picture? If you look at the Bellagio shot below, she is the first on the left.

We met at the Monte Carlo and we hadn't even finished checking in before Sacco and Jenny put a few bucks into a machine and won 1000 quarters. "WHEEL - OF - FORTURE" becomes the mantra of the weekend.


We set off to check out the surrounding attractions. We took the tram to Bellagio and checked out the atrium or solarium or whatever they call it. We thought it smelled amazing, but then cynically decided that the smell was piped in.

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