Some Skills Everyone Should Have

  • The proper way to use the video on a phone which includes sideways not narrow ways and not whipping it back and forth when showing the scene.
  • Titling electronic documents in some meaningful way which includes re-titling documents from the scanner.
  • Using relevant email subject lines.
  • Running a meeting which includes how to act in a meeting.
  • Correct usage of I, me, and myself.

If there are skills you’d like to add, please leave a comment. I will be sure to see it in the next 2-3 weeks.

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Your Comments

This rose has been blooming in the front yard for the past week. All the other roses are long gone. I appreciate its sturdy optimism. I should have snipped it and brought it in the house the moment I saw it. But it’s hanging on out there bright and shiny for everyone.

It used to be that if you left a comment, I would get it in my email. That’s no longer happening. I checked the settings and nothing has changed so maybe my email is filtering out my own messages. I couldn’t figure it out in the 5 minutes I allotted for problem solving that, so for now while I will eventually see your comment, it might take awhile.

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Remember Spelling?

I can’t wait until we’ve come full circle and it’s cool and edgy to name your business using real words. This place could be called Happy Juice Bar, or Aunt June’s Delicious Juice Drinks, or Pacific Northwest Juice and Beverage Co.

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Lifestyles Overload

This is from when Kira and I made little pies and then baked them into cupcakes.

On more than one occasion my mother-in-law described a borscht recipe that she used to make. I have only made vegetarian borscht and none of my cookbooks had a borscht recipe so I set out to find a recipe online so I could make it for her.

This lifestyle blogging thing is out of control. I can’t tell you how many recipes I found that consisted of long homey tales of mom-ery and family lore with dozens of photos of the same bowl of soup, sometimes close up, sometimes from far away, sometimes with a gauzy filter.

Then the recipe itself was about 40 photos with every conceivable step illustrated as if seeing a photo of a cutting board and onions being scrapped into a pot is necessary. And every single blog has a giant popover so you can sign up for Beautiful Nourishing Wellness Mommy’s newsletter because who doesn’t wish for even more email? Especially with gauzy photos.

I ended up using a combination of recipes and the outcome was disappointing. We all ate it. It wasn’t terrible. But it wasn’t great either.

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The Day of the Turkey

This is from a trip to Germany and not relevant to Thanksgiving or this post except the part about my awesome extended family.

I was trying to think if I had any great Thanksgiving stories and I don’t. My extended family is awesome so I don’t have any terrible family stories.

When I was a kid, we used to go to Alhambra, CA and have dinner with my Great Aunt Ivy. My recollection is that she didn’t have a house set up for little kids but she would have some coloring books for me and my sister. Her house had a tiny kitchen and it was chaos at the last minute getting everything on the table.

This house was way before the day of the open floor plan. We all crammed in the dining room for dinner. There was a separate room — probably called the family room with the TV and a bar (?) and there was a seat that opened up and that’s where she stashed toys for us. I should ask my sister if she remembers any of this.

Not relevant to Thanksgiving but this house had a GIANT avocado tree. Aunt Ivy always brought us avocados.

I wonder what that house is like now. I would zillow it if I knew the address.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Today I am writing on the same day that I’m posting. I had a half day at work and relaxed for an hour and then made my pumpkin pie. I didn’t hear the timer so it was in the oven a teenie bit too long. I don’t think it’s tragic. We’ll find out tomorrow. I also made my gravy and called it good.

Tomorrow I’m going to write out my timeline for the rest of my cooking. I’ll start with the rolls in the morning. These are my favorite rolls. They are total squishy white bread rolls. Normal mashed potatoes. Stuffing in the slow cooker. Spatchcocked turkey. Last year went smoothly, I think I can do it again.

I finished season 2 of Stranger Things last night. I can’t express hard enough how much that show works for me. I LOVE everything about it. The music, the setting, the actors. I am so in love with every character. The writing is great. I would love to spend a weekend re-watching and outlining from a writing point of view. No time. Gotta keep chugging on my own project.

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Nine Apple Pie

I wish I took better food photos. This is the giant apple pie I was talking about. The dish is extra big. I was going to put 10 apples in it but 9 already looks like a lot so I stopped. Ten would have fit. It’s a mixture of Granny Smith and farmer’s market varieties that I found in a drawer in the outside fridge. I nuke them for a couple of minutes but they still have a little bit to them which is perfect.

Originally I wanted to make two pies for Thanksgiving dinner but since we have this pie I’m only making a pumpkin.

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Make Your Own Challenge

At one point I had this idea that I was going to make my own reading challenges.

Like for one month I would only read books written the year I was born. Then the next month I would only read books I’ve already read. Then for one month I would only read volumes of America’s Best Short Stories.

It’s still a good idea but since I am barely reading one book a month right now, not a good time to put into action.

Right now the reading challenge is to read the books in my pile.

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Write Your Own Adventure

When we were in Montreal, I found this little comic book in a old book sale in a church. The date on the back is 1972.

According to Internet, Blek is the leader of a group of trappers during the American Revolutionary War. Most of the panels have NDNs in them and I had this brilliant idea that I was going to white out the words and replace with my own and it would be hilarious. Still might someday.

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tl;dr Found Ted Chaing, Still Haven’t Finished

Remember when I couldn’t find Ted Chaing? I’ve been reading Stories of Your Life and Others, which is a collection of stories, forever. The movie Arrival is based on Stories of Your Life — both are really really good. My highest recommendation.

His stories are amazing but also take a little extra brain juice so for me, not good reading when I’m on the bus or right before bed after a long day and a glass of wine. Every time I see it I get a pang because I still haven’t made a point of finishing it.

I’m doing a terrible job telling this story.

I thought I lost the book, either I left it at the office and someone took it (incredibly unlikely) or I left it in Orleans.

What really happened is that I had a box of books, including a stack of books I wrote, to bring to my mom and I forgot it when I left. When I got home I shoved the box in the living room closet to wait until my next trip. Then the next trip came and I pulled out the box and there was Ted Chaing. So he went back in the to read pile.

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