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Montreal Part 2 Match Day

To reiterate just in case some Timbers (or any MLS team) supporters find this by accident: Montreal is a great place to visit and totally worth going to an away match. Bob was walking around during the half and he said people were super friendly and asking him about Portland and how we were liking Montreal.

I came dangerously close to working on the pants of shame this afternoon but I thought I’d do another Montreal post, instead.

Since the Timbers joined MLS we have been wanting to use an away game as an excuse to visit a place we’ve never been but it seems like anytime there is a match in a place we want to go, it’s at a time we can’t travel. So when the schedule came out and we saw Montreal in July, we planned our whole summer around it.

The match was at Stade Saputo which is located at the Olympics site and very easy to get to on the Metro. But once we got there we got a little confused about where we were supposed to meet the other fans. We wandered around and there was mud involved and we found some Impact people and they said: your friends are over there.

And they were.

Originally the tickets were supposed to be emailed to us but then someone volunteered to hand them out but I guess he was coming from Boston or someplace that involved a border crossing and traffic and then wandering around until they found the same corner where people were already waiting.

You do not want to keep a group of Timbers fans in limbo. Fortunately it all worked out and we were let in and herded into our corner.

During the game there was a giant downpour. Insane downpour.

The seats at the top of the sections, like where we were, were protected but the rest of the seats were in full downpour.

Impact fans left their seats and came charging up to the protected areas, either finding new seats or standing in the aisles. I also saw lots of people going to buy big plastic ponchos.

A bunch of Impact fans ended up sitting with the Timbers Army. Later I saw an article that said that Impact Fans were leaving in droves. Not true. They have very loyal fans – they just didn’t want to sit in a deluge.

We won the match which was also fun since my beloved team is not winning at home much. Or winning. Loving a sports team is never easy.

This photo used without permission from Hannah. Great eyes to find us because I DVRd the match and watched it when we got home and I couldn’t find us. I bet Hannah has a nicer TV than we have. I think I’m about 3 years away from being able to donate my TV to a museum. It is that old. But I hate change and I like my caveman TV.

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I didn’t want to leave that cranky pants post at the top while I was away.

Fan event tonight with the Portland Timbers!

Look, here I am with Norberto Paparato, Ben Zemanski, Jorge Villafaña, Michael Nanchoff and Darlington Nagbe (!). Aren’t I adorable clutching my Mom purse? That other guy is Billy.

And how about this one? squee!! Diego Chara #1 fouls in the league this season. Nagbe is the most fouled player. Our team is so balanced. And Steve Zakuani has never looked happier to be hanging out with the fans. (To be fair, this was at the end of the event.) And Billy again and home grown player Bryan Gallego.

Be good while I’m offline.

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Brazil v. Netherlands

This game wasn’t pleasant to watch. I had my phone and looked at twitter and youtube clips of kittens playing the piano before I realized I could be doing something else and I moved on. Ending up 3rd or 4th in the World isn’t bad from a big picture perspective but neither team had anything to celebrate.

Germany v. Argentina

Yay! My team won. About an hour after the match I was up to my elbows in everyday life stuff and I looked up and thought: we won!

Great game. No major controversies. Both teams played their hearts out. Great goal from Götze. The only bad part was having to watch sad Argentines suffer through the second place ceremony. I don’t know a better way of doing it but it seems mean to make a losing team stand around and watch the celebrating people lose their minds.

Phew. My team won. I am not familiar with this feeling. They won in 1990 which I saw. And Euro Cup in 1996 which I did not see. Could you even watch Euro cup games in this country in 1996?

When I talked to my Dad he said, “Whew, it’s over. We can take a break from soccer.”

HA HA Because the Timbers are in Seattle tonight. I have another game to get through. I really loved hearing Ian Darke pimp the game during the WC broadcast. “If you’ve enjoyed World Cup, you will enjoy Major League Soccer.”

You know it!

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Season Opener

I love the sound of the chainsaw at the match but I hate the sound when my neighbor does it.

Last night was the season opener and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed. At least they managed to tie it in the very last seconds of the game. Because I was thinking: I sat in the rain for 2 hours for this?

But it’s funny how high our expectations are after we did so well last season. We had a terrific time. It was great seeing Mick Hoban inducted into the Ring of Honor.

Lots of games left. I have faith the guys will get it together.

Ricketts (the guy with the towel around his shoulders) was paired with the teeniest kid. The cute was killing me when they walked out.

This is the best photo I got with the new third kits. I love these kits – especially the socks. I had talked myself out of buying a new jersey this season. It’s an expensive piece of clothing that I usually only wear to matches and for a huge part of the season it’s buried under several layers. But I’m going to have to get one of these. And a pair of socks.

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Yeah Baby!

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to warm-up for work with people watching and taking your picture? Love the goalie coach at the top of the pic.

Pre-season tournament. That’s Kalif and Kah on the right. I should have used my text and arrow making skills but huge time crunch tonight.

Opening night is March 8. (And note to Hannah and Lily for our MLS Hair Approval Committee: we need a meeting with Rauwshan [far left] stat!)

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We Demand Paper Towel Parity!

Well, my boyfriends lost last night. We had a great season. Lots of great moments. We’ll be back next year. I already saw notice of pre-season games starting in February. Yay.

The above is from the restroom in our section. We complained about the meager paper towel stub on our season ticket holder survey and we could swear the following game it was even shorter.

Meanwhile, this is from one of the restrooms in the club section. We sit over there during reserves matches.

After I prepared the photos for this post I realized there’s no way to tell whether that’s really one hand-wave. I could have cheated. But I didn’t.

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These Are The Dahlias You’re Looking For

I think I picked the wrong photos yesterday and these are the ones I divided. I’m sure I’ll mix them up before this is all over so really they’ll be surprise bulbs.

Remember last year when I wrote about loving the last place team?

Tonight I am going to my first western conference championship. We’ve got a little hole to dig ourselves out of, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. I will be cheering my face off, and also wearing a lot of layers.

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Crafts Time

This is the view from the office window. Not today. Today it is raining sideways. When I was driving in to work at one point it was like a fire hose was blasting me from the side. My car was shaking.

I drove because tonight is my first ever playoff match. I have all my plastic gear with me and I’m going to buy waterproof shoes today to make my feet happy. I’ve lived in the PACNW for over 20 years and I do not own waterproof shoes. I have no idea why.

I started putting my Timbers photos online. I’m only up to July but I took fewer photos in the second half of the season. The iPhone camera is not that great for Timbers. I might have to buy a new camera next season which is turning into an annual tradition.

I’m working on my Thanksgiving menu. I’m probably going to keep it traditional except for spatchocking and I think for dessert I’m going to try a pumpkin bread-pudding recipe. We’ll see.

My Mother-in-law saved me an insert from the newspaper that has a lot of holiday recipes and crafts. I will be taking a closer look at some of the recipes (although not the pumpkin jello bars) but the crafts are ridiculous. It’s like a bunch of people sit around with a giant box of wine and then dare each other to make up something more ridiculous than the next.

“Soften a candle in a low temperature oven and then press shards of broken crockery into it for a lovely centerpiece.”

“Collect giant leaves and cut a square out of the middle and turn it into a clever picture frame.”

“Take plastic bags that you brought home groceries with and scrunch some together and tie with a glittery ribbon to make a stunning flowery thing for the mantle.”

I have an orange candle from last year to use as my centerpiece.

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Great Match Day

Ticket partner was selected for Deal or No Deal at the half so we got to go onto the field at the end of the first half. We got to watch about 5 minutes of the game from the sideline. They scored a goal while we were down there.

He had to pick a suitcase and could win between $25 and $1000 dollars.

Jumbotron! He won $300.

And after we won there was this.

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It’s Everything I Wish I Didn’t Know

Hey, check out these little watermelon sproutlets, surging toward the window.

I keep promising myself that I’m not going to write about being busy because, d’oh! Everybody’s busy.

But holy avalanche of documents and activities, this week has been another crazy one. Lots of stuff going on and an unusual blip at the office that has resulted in a bunch of stuff needing to be happen at the same time. On separate occasions, both colleague and I stood in front of our desks and stared down at the piles and said: I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

But, I think we’ve got it under control. (Unless by writing that I just jinxed myself.) I still have plenty to do but all the pieces are in place.

Rainbow of Piquionne (name of our player who scored 4 goals in 45 minutes at this game. Yes, it was awesome to watch.)

On Wednesday my team played the first round of the U.S. Open Cup which is a competition among all the teams in the US Soccer Federation. Last year’s game was an abomination and a forbidden topic.

This year’s game was not. I have never seen my team score 5 goals in one game and I liked it very much. This is separate from Major League Soccer. I’m telling you, soccer is a part time job. The boys have the weekend off for the international break (That’s for competitions among national teams, so above and beyond the league and the US federation. There’s also a regional federation. No, I’m not messing with you.) so we only have a lady team match to go to this weekend.

Here are a couple other updates:

I still don’t have a shower door. I’d tell you all the missteps but it’s too exhausting. The latest snafu is that the glass was the wrong size.

Now they’re saying they can install next Wednesday. Everybody think good thoughts.

Our house is apparently a portal for giant hairy flies. There is always 1 giant hairy fly in the house. It lurks in the kitchen when I’m cooking, the bedroom when I’m trying to sleep or nap, my room when I’m on the computer or on the TV when I’m watching a show. If I follow it around with a fly swatter until I kill it, the next time I go into the kitchen there will be a giant hairy fly. Is there a way to monetize this?

Yesterday I participated in a rally for the Klamath salmon. Coverage here and here.

The power company has agreed to take down the dams but Congress needs to take action to make it happen. An Oregon senator is committed to the cause so the rally was to reiterate that there are still people who want this to happen.

A whole bunch of my family was up from California so it was fun to be with everybody and show our support.

Update on the windowsill sprouts. Look at these pumpkins growing like crazy. it’s warm and dry this weekend so everybody is going to be planted outside. I have a spot out front where historically, the pumpkins have done really well. I also am going to put some in back where I’ve had mixed results. I need to get out there and see what’s going on. It looks like there’s already some stuff bolting and the volunteer sunflowers are still coming on strong.

That’s the update for now.

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